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YRock is a community project that brings together students from all backgrounds and musical influences, creating a pop culture environment for self-expression and development in music and multimedia

The YRock Programme provides a unique opportunity for teenagers and talent to meet other likeminded individuals, form bands, create music/digital media and perform on a regular basis.

The YRock Programme is open to any act, talent or audiovisual crew (talent includes bands, vocalists, soloists, dancers, hosting, DJs). For the classically trained musicians within the YRock Programme we have CLOCK, which is a fusion of classical and rock styles.

To apply for more information about joining the YRock Team email

For entering this year’s YRock International Music Challenge go to YRock Cafe to sign up

We will contact you shortly after receiving your application with the next steps.

Cause every Rebelution’s gotta have a soundtrack – LET’S HEAR YOURS!

YRock 10th Anniversary Music Rebelution Membership Package

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Audition for GIGs @ Orange Peel / HK Rugby Sevens 2015

YRock International Music Challenge 2015 and

YRock Workshops & Songwriting Courses

Download Form here – email to, come along to next Gig @ the Venue to audition and/or Sign Up

Get a monthly workshop with special guest plus guarenteed performance opportunities and much more… (radio appearences, recordings, special events, festivals) How Much? Only $400 per month / person. ($500 per person for IMC only FREE for Registered YRock Members)



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