Raising Awareness on Teen related issues

Raising Awareness on Teen related issues to help them make positive choices has always been an important part of YRock events since it’s inception in 2005. The YRock Programme provides a platform for youth talent to progress and develop towards industry standard within Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific Region while creating a more interactive, social and environmentally aware youth scene within the YRock community.

During 2005 & 2006 the monthly gigs @ EDGE regularly showed Drugs Awareness videos on the Vj screens, engaged the audience with variety segments about Tattoos, Intellectual Property (In the Cage), Fake ID Cards (Ghost Busted), Relationships (Blind Date), as well as raising issues in the content of the Teens original music and media during the YRock POP Courses held at the Schools, which included Divorce, Suicide, Self-Esteem to mention a few.

The CLOCK Concert staged in 2007 which bridged musical and generation gaps went along way to Raising Awareness on 8 different children’s charities, involving the Teens in meaningful research and bringing together like minded organisations all in one spectacular evening.

The JAM International Music and Dance Festival 2008 highlighted awareness segments on the video wall, for 2 Children’s Charities Against Child Abuse and The White Rose Children’s Foundation as well as engaging the services of Ecovision to green the event to minimise the impact on our environment.

YRock has always been quick to provide opportunities for it’s Teenage talent to perform at Charity Events from supporting the PAWS Charity in Dec 2012  and Moon Bears Concert in DB in March 2013, collaborating with Picnic in the Park which raises thousands of dollars for Charity each year to it’s own  Benefit Concert for Ben Kende @ Hard Rock Cafe in August 2011.

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